JSWco software and data solutions are tailored to make your operation more efficient and profitable.

Application Development
JSWco delivers cost-competitive and data-oriented web applications for intra-company, B2B, or B2C needs.

Data Analytics
Access to corporate data for reporting and analysis is a key to long-term success. Built with Microsoft’s cost-effective but powerful database and presentation tools, JSWco’s BI solutions are designed to prompt response to identify trends across a food company’s key metrics.

Consulting Services
Our senior team of consultants understands your business and can help align technology solutions to your strategic objectives.

Mobile Apps
Enter it once and access critical data anywhere, from a farm to a supermarket, on any device – a PC, tablet, or smartphone. JSWco web applications are designed for 24/7 use to extend the value of your software investment.

Systems Integration
Our tailored software applications can interface with existing internal systems as well as with supply chain partners to save time and add value.

Product Solutions
Our packaged solutions incorporate industry best practices to accelerate delivery to meet key business opportunities and challenges.